Schedule automation no longer working

I set up two zwave in wall switches to turn the lights off at 10:30pm on sunday thru thursday and now they would no longer do so. I double checked on site and the rules states active, but still no automation. I can however turn the lights on and off remotely from the panel but they just don’t seem to do so on the schedule anymore.

I sent a command to completely reset and reload the automation rules from to your 2GIG panel. I guess we won’t know until Sunday but let me know if that helps. I’ve seen this issue come up several times recently. We’re trying to figure out with why it’s been happening but in the mean time this is a temporary fix.

So it worked for a bit, but now its not working again?? I there anything that I can do on my end?

There is nothing you can do on your end. We will resend your rules again which should fix the problem temporarily but until Alarm & 2GIG figure what the heck is going on with this issue we’re at their mercy.