Rule Issues

Can you look at our left garage door light sensor, when it opens the lights are supposed to turn on, but the left garage light turns off.

Also, my morning room lights rule sometimes comes on half an hour late and sometimes on time. Let me know if you need more details, but my rules have not been working correctly since the update.

Are you saying that a sensor activity based automation rule is turning the light off when it should turn it on? Does this happen every time? Have you tried recreating this rule by itself?

The morning schedules I am seeing on the account you are referring to are checked for “Make times approximate” which would account for alterations in activation.

The left garage door will routinely turn on when the left garage door is opened and then turns on within 30 seconds. This has happened without fail since the rules update. The right garage door hasn’t had this issue and both have the same settings (except for being a different door). I even tried deleting the rule and recreating it.

The morning schedules are set for 7pm, the approximate is only for when it is armed away. They have been refusing to fire consistently since the rules update that other posts mentioned.

I’m also experiencing inconsistent rules at another location since the rules update.

There look to be two light devices controlled by the “Left Garage Door” rule. Do both of these lights behave in the inappropriate way or just one of them?

We are having look into this account. How many morning schedules are experiencing the issue? Is it just one like originally mentioned? There are a couple AM schedules listed.