Rule Clarification - Any Panic Device

I want to make a rule where if my alarm trips, certain lights go on in the house.

When I create the rule, I select When this even occurs and I select “alarm”

Then it asks me to select a sensor to trigger the alarm to run the automation.

I want it so that if the alarm goes off from any sensor, the rule will run and turn on the lights I have selected.

The only option it gives me aside from the separate devices is “any panic device”

This would exclude motion detectors, window sensors etc. and onlygo if we hit a panic alarm

How do I create a rule that if the alarm is tripped in any way when we are not home that the rule will run? As I recall it used to just say “any device”.

You are correct, we have just confirmed that the automation portal is being worked on by and that option [All Devices] has been made temporarily unavailable, but should return in the near future.

At the current time, individual sensors would need to be selected, but we do not expect that option to be down for too long.

Confirmation when this option is restored will be posted here.

Can you contact them to drive them to resolve this quickly? I have things like an outdoor siren and lights that come on when there is a break in. To individually set that rule for each individual sensor we be a lot of rule construction.

Additional changes have been made regarding rule creation process. You can see the changes to rule creation in your account. This issue is currently being addressed. The “All sensors” variable should be available soon.

The option to use “Any Intrusion Sensor” is now available in automation rules for Alarm triggers.