RH% Reporting with CT100

Is it possible to get the relative humidity reported to the ADC app? I’ve got the CT100 installed. I see you can view the RH% by touching the time in the upper left-hand corner.

According to Radio Thermostat and the z-wave protocol “If your thermostat has the capability of reporting the humidity in the room, then it can be seen by the Z-Wave controller and software. But Z-Wave does not give you the option to adjust the min or max humidity controls to allow for a change in humidifying or De-humidifying settings.”

Would just be another helpful little tidbit of information.

I can shoot this suggestion along. Humidity control is something we have been told is in the works, but not yet available.

I am not sure the relative humidity value is actually picked up by the 2GIG or Qolsys panel, or rather, that the panel does anything with that data if it is sent. It might be something that requires updates all around.

Not too concerned with humidity control by t-stat use itself as I don’t have that integrated into my HVAC. It would be nice to know what the existing RH is since the thermostat already has that info about the particular area it is mounted in.

That would be something I’d like to have on my basement thermometer. If RH = X then turn on Y plug, which will have a dehumidifier or fan plugged into it. I know most, if not all dehumidifiers have a humidity control to turn on and off automatically. But there’s no way to keep track of that type of information.

Would be nice in summer months to keep an eye on basement humidity. I’m sure one day they’ll get there.

That’s a really good use case to forward along. The more feedback received the more likely updates occur. I’ve sent this to ADC.

Having the info, and being able to act on it with empower rules would be a great addition.