Resolution Products RE201 and RE201T

Is there a difference between the RE201 and the RE201T?

The only difference between the two is that the RE201T will not be compatible with Honeywell-specific panels or repeaters. The RE201 is compatible with both Honeywell and 2Gig panels and repeaters.

Thanks guys, that’s what I needed to know. I’m following your video Jason to get my gate monitoring setup. Thanks for the great videos!

Where can I find the Sentrol 1085W? Can I get one from suretyCAM with my order of the RE201?

Thank you!

We don’t have that product currently in the store given the infrequency of its use, however, I will put in a request to add this to the store.

In the meantime, there are many seller options for this sensor online (most of which at sub-$5)

Thanks for your interest in the videos! We will keep them coming.

Is RE201T compatible with honeywell too?

I’m not aware of an RE201T. The RE201 is compatible with both Honeywell and 2GIG.