Resetting Installer Code


I have a 2Gig CP21-345 and the installer apparently reset the installer code and I don’t have it. I own the system. The company that installed it has since been sold many times but the system is currently connected to Is it possible to reset the code remotely and, if so, is that something you can do?


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Are you a suretyDIY subscriber? If so we would be happy to reset your Installer Code for you. If you are not enrolled in our service we would not have access to the necessary tools to reset your Installer Code. I would contact your current service provider and request that they complete this task.

If you are interested in service through suretyDIY we offer two service packages, Basic Interactive and Gold Interactive. Either can be purchased with, or without Central Station Monitoring. Here is a comparison of those two services as well as other add-ons.