Reset device names?

I set couple devices’ names in, and I think now if I delete those sensors and add them back to the panel (in different orders with different names), device names are stuck with the old ones. Is there a way to reset all the renames?

After adding a zone to the panel and that device info syncing with ADC, changes to the names locally on the panel will not sync with ADC. This is because the names in ADC can be overridden manually to be more specific than those programmed into the panel and they do not want to clear out any custom changes.

You can manually change the names in under Settings > Manage Devices.

Or, if you have changed the order of zones in the panel and want to just match up what is in the panel with ADC, I can run a command to pull all the device names from the panel and sync ADC with that. Would you like us to do that?

Thanks Jason. I will ping you once I am 100% done with setup so I don’t need to change names anymore and do a one time sync.

Jason - can you do an one time sync? Thanks.

I’ve sent that command. Allow a few minutes for it to complete. You may need to log out and log back into to view the change.