Replacing sensor batter without setting of 2GIG panel

My Door sensor is reporting a low battery. How do I change it without setting the panel off? Also, what kind of battery do I need?

Happy to assist!

You can bypass the sensor in questions prior to opening the case. This will prevent it from reporting a tamper and causing the panel’s chime to go off. This can be accomplished from the home screen -> Security -> Menu -> Toolbox -> Bypass Sensor and selecting the sensor in question. Once you’ve backed out, you can open the sensor case without triggering the tamper. When done replacing the battery, make sure to uncheck the bypass so the sensor functions normally.

With regards to battery type, I could not say for certain without knowing what the make/model sensor you have. Do you know? It looks like it might be the 2GIG DW10, can you confirm? If so, you would need two CR2032 batteries. This video will walk you through the battery change process