Replacing RE210 Motion Detector

Hi, thanks for replacing my motion detector, the new one arrived today. What do I need to do to connect it to the system? The panel is currently stating malfunction “lack of supervision”?

The new motion detector will need to be added via programming. Presumably, your loss of supervision malfunction is being caused by the panel expecting signals from the prior RF TX ID (seven digit serial number).

In programming, make sure to edit this number to match that of the new sensor. For 2Gig scroll to the sensor you are replacing and then down to the “RF Sensor Serial Number.” Always remember to test new devices you add to your system to make sure you’re ready to go after replacement.

If you haven’t changed any other values for that sensor, and you are replacing it with the same model, this should be all that needs edited.

Instructions on programming should have been included with original packaging and may be helpful. They’re also available here. (Key point for programming given here is use loop 1.)