Replacing Old System with 2GIG

We are moving and intend to set up a SuretyCam/2GIG system again in our new place. The new home has an existing system we’ll be replacing with two control panels. Due to their dimensions and the resulting size of the unfinished area underneath, we’d like to replace both panels with Go!Control units. Can we set them up in that manner with one as the primary and the other as the secondary?

Unfortunately, no. The 2Gig Go!Control panel is designed to function as the hub of a single system. Using two Go!Control panels would require two separate accounts.
The smaller-form TS1 is what you would need to use in the second spot. The difficulty in covering areas where older keypads have been removed is something I too have struggled with regarding the TS1, but smaller is generally considered better in the tech world.

Thank you, Jason. I appreciate the information and quick response.