Replacing 2GIG with Qolsys

I just purchased a QoIsys IQ panel to replace my Vivint system that just went bad.

My old system utilized 2gig-Dw10-345 sensors on the windows and some other in door jam devices, I’m not certain what model they are. I’m having trouble getting my system to recognize the devices. Could you tell me if the listed device is compatible with the QoIsys? If they are could you provide me with tips to get the panel to recognize them?

Ah, 2GIG sensors are not directly compatible with the Qolsys IQ Panel. You can filter compatible equipment for each panel using our compatibility drop down menu on the right hand side of store pages.

The Qolsys panel uses GE wireless transmission sensors (at 319.5 mhz)

2GIG sensors are 345 mhz.

It’s not all bad though, existing sensors can be used with the help of a wireless translator, the RE124TG. You would just learn the 2GIG sensors into the Qolsys panel through the translator.

We do not directly sell this model of translator, but they are available from other sources. Typically, depending on how many sensors you have, it is more cost effective to use the translator over swapping all sensors.