Replacement GC2 case front available?

The front part of the case for my GC2 panel is cracked around the screw that secures it to the wall plate (photo attached). I get nuisance tamper alerts as a result. Any fix for this, such as a replacement case front?

The system was installed by the previous owners, and the installer ran in four screws at the corners of the baseplate rather than using the provided mounting holes. That exacerbated the problem of the wall not being completely flat, in that the panel and plate don’t line up that well. And the screws that were used actually contact the back of the panel in at least one place. Dumb. I will correct that, though would like to avoid a tamper alert when the wind changes direction.


Where that screw is located is not a front plate replacement, the entire panel case is involved unfortunately and would require dismantling the entire panel internals, which I do not recommend.

Does the back plate still snap tightly to the rest of the case? Even without the set screw, the panel back plate should snap in firmly. If you flatten it out does the panel latch and rest securely without tamper?

Good question. The back plate is bowed after being removed from the wall. I remounted it and spaced out the least visible corner so it mates better with the panel. I decided to not try to bend it since there’s already a crack around the boss for the retaining screw. (Maybe I should have warmed it up a little?) Then I added a small washer to the retaining screw on the back plate. I think this will be better.

If it isn’t, what’s the cost for a new back plate?

Back plates are not sold as an individual item by 2GIG, though you have a shot at finding one given the popularity/ubiquity of the panel type. You might try a search online. We do not keep a stock of back plates, though there may be one available from time to time.

I would recommend emailing and asking about the availability of a 2GIG back plate

Same backplate as the TS1 keypad so at least that should be a lot cheaper to find on Ebay than a full GC2.

Same backplate as the TS1 keypad so at least that should be a lot cheaper to find on Ebay than a full GC2

The GC2 and TS1 do not use the same back plate.