Repeat Access Schedule?

Can ADC make it possible to add a ‘repeat’ option to the schedule for giving someone access to locks? Something like repeat every: day, week, 2weeks, monthly, etc.

I’m disabled and have a housekeeper come every 2 weeks. I’ve been having to schedule every visit manually but sometimes forget and she’s unable to get in. It would be a great help if this option was available.

Even though I trust this person, I hate having a house key floating around out there.

This is a great question. Naturally, you can do this on a weekly or daily basis already by creating a normal user and selecting to limit access times to a specific day and time during the week.

This would apply the same permissions every week, not every other week in the case of every two weeks it is needed. So, if they come on the same day and time each visit, you would have that day and time active every week.

I’ll toss this idea to to see if there is a way to implement larger time-scales at least up to monthly.

Sounds good Jason, thanks.

You said i can apply the access weekly? I only am able to add a user on a permanent basis or add a temporary user for access during a specific date & time. I don’t believe the temp user would have access on the same day and time the following week since his access is now expired.

Correct, you would need to add a normal permanent user and then you can limit access to a specific day and time each week. Each user other than the master can be given limited access times with a checkbox at the bottom of the user screen.

Temporary users are a one shot time-frame.