Renaming Switch

I have a switch called “Pump” that I control through Alexa and ADC. I changed the name through ADC website portal to “Hot Water”

It shows up now as “Hot Water”

But when I try to turn the newly labeled “Hot Water” switch on and off through Alexa, it says it cant find any device with that name. It still finds it if I use the old name “pump”

I believe you need to ask alexa to “discover new devices”

Alternatively, devices can be rediscovered by the following:

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Navigate to the Smart Home tab.
  3. In Your Devices, tap Discover Devices.

Ive had to do this a couple times before when trying to get the proper name.

It worked. Only correction is that you tap on add devices and it rediscovers them

Glad this worked out