Removing the panel from the wall to pair Z-Wave devices

I am having some trouble trying to pair a Z-Wave motion light that I have. I think it is too far from the panel. I have an Aeotec Z-Wave range extender on order and am hoping that solves the problem.

However, while searching these forums I came across some posts where people were having problems pairing their locks, which I also have to do in the near future, and the suggestion was to remove the panel from the wall, take it on battery power within a few feet of the device you are trying to pair, and once it is paired return the panel to the wall. So for the learning experience I thought I would give that a shot.

When I remove my panel from the wall and try to pair a new device, I get the message “Please plug in the power supply to access Z-Wave Devices”. Is the technique described above no longer possible to do on battery power? I ran my power wires through the wall and don’t have a spare transformer to try.


If the lock is not installed yet, I would pair the lock by the panel before installing it on the door.

Yes, you should be able to run that on battery by disabling the Power Management setting in the Installer Settings menu.

Thanks, that did the trick. Got a few devices setup tonight.