Removing emPower garage devices

How do I remove emPower garage devices once I have added them. I do not see an option to delete, only add.

I had added an internet gateway device to control a liftmaster 8550 and purchased the 888lm, however it did not work on my old garage door. I need to remove the internet gateway device and 1 garage door from my ADC account. I cannot add the gateway device back to as it says it is registered to you guys.

…To Clarify. I have an a 8550 which has myq built in, and works with the gateway. I purchased an 888lm which should support my liftmaster 1265+ security, but my unit was not giving enough power. I have to go with a myq garage which is universal and remove everything from ADC.


Unfortunately, doe not allow customers to remove gateways from their system once they have been added. However, we do have the capability to remove the gateway for you if need be.

For anyone who would like us to make this sort of change on their behalf, you can email us the request at

Thank you for the detail.