Removing a Couple Things

How do I remove my ct100 t-stat & MyQ garage door opener from the ADC system? I’m going to use them with an unlinked home automation hub instead.

The CT100 is removed by going through the Remove Device process at the panel.

Services - Z-wave - Wrench Icon - Installer Code - Remove Devices - then on the CT100 Menu, Mate Mate

We can remove the MyQ Hub for you if you wish. Would you like us to send that command?

Note that it looks like a malfunction is occurring on the garage door itself, which typically means if this is a wifi hub that the tilt sensor battery is too low and just needs replaced.

Yes Please. You can remove the garage door opener. I know…it’s been offline for a while now. I’ve changed the batteries out already with no luck. I’m troubleshooting the network, it falls offline quite a bit then goes AWOL shortly after.

We’ve sent that command for you. You may need to log out and log back in to view the change.