Remove alerts from panel

After installing my 2gig panel and adding the sensors, I noted that the “console-tamper” message was still displaying with the yellow warning light. How do I make it go away?

To make the panel be quiet when it’s trying to alert you about a trouble condition, you have to acknowledge the trouble condition. In other words, you have to tell the panel you are aware there is a problem. Follow the instructions in this PDF to acknowledge the trouble condition and make the panel be quiet.

Are you sure that the back plate is fully secured on the panel?

Okay, I fixed it. It’s very temperamental. I had to really torque down on the screw to insure it stayed closed enough to prevent the alert from disappearing.

Make sure you push down at the bottom of the back plate. It shouldn’t require much to keep it on without a tamper even without the screw, but there are a few points of contact that need to snap together.