Remote Temperature Sensors/Firmware Update

I have the ADC remote temp sensors and have added them to my panel, but don’t know exactly how to work with them with the ADC t3000 thermostat. I currently have firmware version 1.12, would like 1.13 (2gig 2c panel). I don’t have a PC either.

To use the Remote Temperature Sensor with the 2GIG GC2 panel, GC2 firmware version 1.13 would be required. They will not be fully compatible with 1.12.

OTA upgrades for the GC2 panel are available. I could push the latest update 1.19 to the panel which would support them (I cannot push 1.13, specifically).

Note that this may take up to 12 hours depending on the cellular connection. During this time it is important not to power cycle the panel or enter programming mode.

After you would just relearn the Temperature Sensors into the alarm panel, then visit the website and click the arrow on the thermostat card and configure the temp sensor settings there. There will be a new Temp sensor icon on the tstat cards.

Would you like me to go ahead and get the OTA started for you?

Yes please do the (firmware 1.19).


Lenard Hood

Alright, I’ve got that started for you. Allow for up to 12 hours for that to complete. Your firmware should be when complete.