Remote Command Delay and Poor Signaling

Having difficulty with Remote Access, long delays in arming/disarming via app and web, incorrect status. Can you pls give the machine a kick? Thx

I am seeing some long acknowledgement times on mobile commands in history, as well as poor signaling in general. How long have you been experiencing this issue? Has the panel’s install location been moved recently?

There are a few things you will want to check. Make sure the panel isn’t mounted near any metal (like duct work) or appliances as metal can disrupt signalling. If the panel is mounted on the wall, make sure that the external antenna (that attaches to the cellular module) is not resting on or near any internal power lines. The panel should generally be mounted on an exterior wall if possible and not in a closet or confined space.

To troubleshoot, try powering down the panel completely, Transformer first, then internal battery. While the panel is powered down, ensure that not only is the cellular module seated properly but that the antenna is present and connected properly as well. After about two minutes of the panel being powered down fully, power it back up, battery first then transformer. Once fully powered up, run a successful cell test and attempt remote commands again, any change?

Issue began 2 days ago, best I can tell. No change to install location, device, environment or method of access.

Will run through troubleshooting at next available opportunity and update.

Note this happens periodically, not very often, but happens. perhaps once every 6-9 months, then subsides. There are likely previous tickets on it as well.


If it is something that occurs very sporadically and goes away without intervention it is less likely a physical issue locally and more likely a result of a cell carrier tower/maintenance.

In general the signaling on the account is in the poor range for at least the past 6 months though, with some very high registration times lately and single digit signal strength readings. The panel is having a harder time connecting and maintaining cell signal. This could be due to carrier changes in your area or interference locally.

Powering down for 2 full minutes forces re-registration and can clear up certain module/carrier comm issues.