Remote arming trouble

I have lost the ability to arm and disarm the system from the mobile app recently. I’ve tried rebooting the system and running a cell phone test. Those did not fix anything. The light schedules in the web page are still functioning as normal, and I can arm/disarm from the panel. I have just lost mobile access to it.

To clarify: are you unable to access the mobile app on your phone? Or are you able to access it but commands never go through?
Have you updated the app? Is this a new phone or same one you have been using?

Also, have you sent commands through the web site to check if those are working? Light schedules are saved and executed locally once they are created.

It would be exceptionally strange to have remote access from one device but not another, so it is more likely that there are signal issues in general with your module. What kind of module are you currently using? (GSM, CDMA, HSPA?)

I am having the same problem. It does appear that the system is communicating with, as I still get text messages, arming reminders, etc. but I cannot turn off/on any lights or arm the system from the web (website or mobile app).

I have been using the system for well over a year and the lights, locks, and remote arming has worked flawlessly in the past. I have re-booted the panel, as well as run a cell check on the base panel.



What kind of module (GSM, HSPA, CDMA)?..whats signal strength?

GSM (AT&T) Module. Signal strength shows 10/31.

From philliptmurphy GSM (AT&T) Module. Signal strength shows 10/31.

well that’s a problem right there-

  1. signal is very very weak. 10/31 signal will result in intermittent communication, and communication failures. minimum, you want 15-20/31 signal strength.

  2. GSM (2G) modules are discontinued, and ATT is actively dismantling the enter 2G network. Full and complete network disablement is scheduled to be completed nationwide within the next two years. parts of California and Florida are already offline.

for more info on the ATT 2G GSM sunset see:

In August of 2012, AT&T Inc. announced that the shutdown of its second-generation, or “2G,” wireless network will be complete by the end of 2016. This shutdown will not occur all at once. It will appear sporadically across the country and on January 1, 2017, the 2G wireless network will cease to exist.

TMOBILE is also refarming their 2G network. T-Mobile plans to upgrade entire 2G network to LTE by mid-2015

Approximately 90% of our network traffic is on our 3G and 4G bands (1700 MHz and 2100 MHz), which is leaving our 2G bands (850 MHz and 1900 MHz) underused. To help make best use of our 2G bands, we will be re-farming the excess 1900 MHz spectrum from EDGE technology to HSPA+.

my suggestion is to upgrade your cellular module to 3G HSPA ATT, or 3G CDMA Verizon

OK, I have placed an order for a Verizon 3G card (better reception in Verizon in my neighborhood) and a USB Firmware upgrade cable. It looks like to use the Verizon card I need a newer firmware in my 2Gig control panel. A little irritating considering this has all been working for months on end. I guess I have had a false sense of security if my unit has not been communicating to the monitoring center - seems like I would get some kind of message if my unit didn’t “check in” on occasion.

I presume I will have to call SuretyCam when the new Verizon card is installed to get it setup on my account/

Thanks for the help.

When your new module arrives, email or during business hours you can Live Chat via the website to let the team know you need to perform a module swap. They should be able to get you up and running quickly with the new module after your firmware has been updated.

...I guess I have had a false sense of security if my unit has not been communicating to the monitoring center - seems like I would get some kind of message if my unit didn't "check in" on occasion

For optimal 2GIG panel settings see:

Change to whatever you want. Its not really effective for intermittent issues which can cause command failures.

Q22(7) CS lack of usage notification (days)
Q23(30) radio modem network failure time (minutes)