Remote Arm Locks Then Immediately Reports Door Unlocked

Ok, here’s a weird one for the brains. This has been happening since I got the IQ2+ panel, but I haven’t had a chance to at least isolate it a bit. Whenever I arm stay the alarm via remote (either voice through Alexa or through the ADC app), I have an automation set to lock the front and kitchen doors.

Since getting the new panel, if the Kitchen door is unlocked when I arm the alarm, it locks as planned, and the panel reports the Kitchen Door locked, then immediately reports Kitchen Door unlocked, even though the lock remains locked. The app (and online) show the door as unlocked even though it’s physically locked. This is also the only time the event happens. If I lock via command, everything is normal. I haven’t tested arm away events yet to see how those report. If I arm from the panel, it doesn’t happen, but remote arming, either voice via Echo or from the app does. The Front door doesn’t exhibit the same behavior (both locks are the same Yale z-wave model). Also, if the door is already locked, there’s no odd behavior.

Now the interesting part is this doesn’t seem to show up in the history. It shows the lock commands, but doesn’t show an unlock command even though the panel shows it as unlocked state.

I plan to remove and re-add the lock to the network to see if that changes anything, just haven’t had a chance yet, but definitely found it interesting that even though the panel announces an Unlock event and shows the door as unlocked, that action doesn’t show up in history.

To be honest, I haven’t been too worried about this as the physical lock behaves as expected, so I’m not leaving doors unlocked or anything, but it’s an interesting one to be sure.

I have not heard of this behavior specifically, so it is a bit of a head scratcher.

What is the model of lock you are using?

I would do two things to troubleshoot the issue. First I would delete the Automation rules that govern locking the doors when Arming Away.

Then I would delete the lock and re-add it to the system (making sure that you bring the lock within six feet of the panel during the pairing process, and leave it there for about 5 minutes afterwards) Then run a network rediscovery once the devices are back in their install locations.

Then I would re-create the rules and test again. Any change?