Remote accessibility to ADC

Long delays, or even no response, when trying to arm/disarm my system via apps on iPad or iPhone as well as via web site. Message comes back saying “could not verify that your command was received”. Noticed on and off for the past week or two.

Logged out of app and back in. Logged in via web page as well. Remote access fails.
Pls advise.

Delays between sent commands and the acknowledgement can be caused by a few things.

  1. Too many commands filling the module memory and backing up (likely not the case here, looking at the signals.)
  2. Signalling problems/local issues with the module/antenna. (Likely not the case, this would also affect outgoing signals, which look fine)
  3. Carrier tower or network changes/updates.

I’ll have look into the area and troubleshoot.

Only seeing one instance in the last couple weeks of history where commands backed up or took longer than 20 seconds or so to acknowledge. So the app has not been updating with an acknowledgement that commands were successful?