Recent False Alarm

I had a false alarm recently and am not sure which sensor caused it. I know it said sensor 27. Not sure which one that is. How can I find that sensor’s information?

Sensors will be by default named how they were programmed into your alarm panel when viewing them on
To do so, access the Security Tab on your account and click the Sensors link. Here you can view the zone number along with the name given to your sensor. You can change the name of the sensor here, and it will only affect the name as it is reported in notifications.

If you have given the same name to a number of sensors and do not recall which was which, a sensor system test can help. A video shows the process here. Run the system test and open the sensors you think it might be one by one. You can check which sensor zone tripped by viewing the progress on the panel screen.

I have found the sensor but when I try to delete it I still get alerts. The sensor still shows up in my account and I have to bypass it. I have removed its serial number. Is there something else I need to do?

It sounds like you may not have marked that Zone as “Unused” for its zone type. If you only remove the serial number, that will result in malfunction alerts. The following video shows the process for removing a sensor from programming.