RE206 Intermittant False Reporting

It appears that I am having an issue with the Honeywell tilt sensor. It is intermittently reporting a garage door open when it is closed. Any advise on troubleshooting this issue?

I just spoke with Resolution Products and the agent I spoke with says that it is a known issue that they are currently working on, but they are currently uncertain what the cause of the problem is. As a temporary fix, they suggested replacing the battery in the RE206. I would also suggest programming the sensor as “No Response Type” if it isn’t already to reduce potential false alarms. I will keep you up to date as I get more information.

Another option is a dw10 and a garage door magnetic reed switch.

This is what I have installed on my garage door. I don’t use a tilt sensor at all.

I have asked Amanda to start stocking these garage door reed switches for DIY’ers. IMO, these are much better than tilt sensors, and price-wise, cost is not much different (I can get the garage door reed switch and a dw10 for around $35)

For “how to” see:

I don’t follow how replacing the battery would help with this issue. I think there may have been a miscommunication somewhere. The most common causes of false alarms with the RE206 garage tilt sensor are:

  1. The sensor is programmed incorrectly. It should be programmed to use loop 2. I just verified that yours is programmed correctly so this is not your issue.
  2. The sensor is mounted incorrectly. Please verify that you have it mounted vertically with the decorative lines at the bottom, as in the picture below. If not, please re-mount it like that.
  3. The garage door is loose or flexible and high winds are causing it to shake back and forth enough to trip the sensor. You might try to pushing/shaking the door when it's closed to see if that can trigger the sensor. If this is the case then you can try finding a spot on the garage door that doesn't have as much play when the door is closed. If there isn't a spot like that then you may need to use a reed switch door contact instead of a tilt sensor like rive suggested above.
  4. The sensor is defective and needs to be replaced. If the problem is none of the above then I think your sensor is bad and we will need to replace it.

RE206 Garage Door Tilt Sensor

Please try these steps above and let us know if we need to replace the sensor.

I very much appreciate the assistance. I confirmed that it is mounted correctly and also that I could not set it off by pushing on the door, simulating high winds. What is the easiest way to replace it?

I’ll have someone issue you an RMA tomorrow. I talked to Resolution Products about this a few weeks ago and they’re eager to collect any tilt sensors that are malfunctioning and replace them ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.