Re124tg translator compatible with 2gig super switch

Hi all,

I moved into a home with pre-existing wired & wireless sensors. The wired sensors were/are controlled by a 2gig super switch. I was able to get the existing wireless sensors communicate to the panel with the re124tg translator. However, is it possible to have that same translator communicate to the super switch?

Thank you for all your help.

Can you clarify the intention?

What kind of integration/goal do you have regarding this? The Take-345 has a 345 Mhz radio sending sensor zone signals to the panel. The wireless translator takes the existing wireless sensor protocol and translates it to a radio signal compatible with the panel. The two separate devices do not communicate with one another.

Are you looking to monitor the translator for tampering/power loss?

The RE124TG is for Honeywell/2GIG wireless to GE wireless
The 2GIG TAKE is for wired to Honeywell/2GIG wireless

This infers you do not have a 2GIG panel, and instead have a GE protocol panel like the Simon XTi, or Qolsys.

You cannot to my knowledge translate the TAKE 345mhz to a GE wireless frequency. You will need to replace the 2GIG TAKE with a GE compatible TAKE.

That’s actually a good question that I don’t remember ever hearing. (I think it may have been misread by the first response) According to Resolution, no, you would not be able to do that. The Take-345 can’t be Enrolled through the RE124TG.

Thanks for the response. Sorry about not clarifying the equipment scenario. It’s a takeover from an installed vivint system.

Previous equipment:
Vivint skypanel
Wired sensors communicating through installed 2gig superswitch
2gig wireless sensors

Current equipment:
Qolsys panel
Translator RE124tg (takes care of all 2gig wireless sensors)

Before I buy new sensors to replace the wired sensors, is it possible to configure the Qolsys/translator to communicate with the 2gig superswitch? Or should i get an RE108 to replace the the superswitch?

Thank you!

Sorry Jason, I just read your post. so disregard 1st question.

Right, no you wouldn’t be able to Enroll the Take-345 Super Switch into the RE124TG.

The easiest (and most cost effective) solution would be to use an RE108 to replace the Take-345 if you have 4 or more wired sensors connected.

Thank you Jason and Riven for your input.

The Take-345 only controls 4 wired sensors. So last question: Is it worth the trouble to install RE108 for four sensors or should I just buy 4 new wireless window/door sensors?

Depending on the type of sensor you are referring to, it may be more cost effective to use an RE108. Wired sensors typically have a long life, especially those that do not require power, like door contacts.

The RE108 does require a specific resistance on the sensor circuits (comes with resistors), and typically wireless sensors are easier to install/maintain.