Random PIR tamper alert

Tonight, for no apparent reason, one of my PIRs triggered a tamper alert. Any reason as to why this may have happened? The back is securely fastened and no one touched (or was even near) the sensor when this occurred. It reported the tamper and end of tamper within a few seconds of each other. Any thoughts? I am wondering if it has a defective tamper switch?



Might be time to replace the PIR

Which model of PIR motion detector reported the malfunction?

Amanda, it is a PIR1-345. I purchased it from Surety along with my panel.

Have you checked the tamper switch itself to see if it is loose or damaged? The little black tamper switch should be able to be depressed easily with little resistance, but snap back to place firmly when released.

Also, with the 2GIG PIR, check to make sure that the back cover plate is firmly pressed against the body housing. You can actually replace the set screw without the plate being firmly set, leaving a very small gap that may cause issues.

Everything seems to be fine - no gaps, nothing seems loose. It has been in place for several weeks now and this is the first time this has happened. Any other thoughts?


The other thing I would check is the panel history. Cross-reference the times and make sure the tamper was registered at the panel when it was registered with ADC.

This is certainly an anomaly here, and most likely physically caused by the sensor’s tamper switch/spring, but it is best to rule out all possibilities.

Hi Jason,

I just confirmed that the tamper was registered at the panel as well. I guess it was an actual tamper, just not sure why!


If you think its a bad sensor and want to return it, we can approach it one of two ways.

  1. You send us the sensor you suspect is bad, and when we receive it we ship out a new one ASAP or issue a refund for the purchase at that time
  2. If you’d like the new sensor faster than that, you can purchase a new sensor via the website and let us know you’ll be swapping it with one you send in. When we receive the old sensor, we refund the purchase of the replacement.

This is the form you will want to return with the sensor you think is bad. If you’d prefer to fill out an excel file version of this form, please let us know and one can be emailed to you.

Hi Amanda,

I just send you an email…thank you for the assistance.