Radio not responding

Ok I just got a new verizon module. Once I install it, what do I need to do? do I need to update anything?

Yes, you would want to submit the module communication number to our team through a secure message here and request us to swap the module on your account.

On a Verizon CDMA this would be labeled the “ADC” number. On an LTE module it would be labeled “IMEI”

Follow up instructions pertinent to your system will be in the email reply from customer service.

How do I update the firmware once I get the new module installed?

If you got an LTE module, the firmware would need to be updated to 1.17 or later, per above. If it is not an LTE module, any version 1.9.6 or later would be fine.

To update the firmware of a Go!Control Panel, there are two options:

  1. OTA (over the air) updates are available, but they each incur a one time data charge over cellular and require that the panel is currently signaling. As your panel is not signaling with the old module and can’t yet with the new one, this is not an option in this case.

  2. Via firmware update cable. Video instructions and a link to our firmware file archive are found on that product page. This cable update would be needed for the LTE module.