Quick question before buying

Am I able to set certain entry points as chime only and not set the alarm off when opened? IE: My pets throughout the night need to go outside. I use one back door for that purpose. It wouldn’t be feasible to have to turn alarm off and on every time I get up to let them in/out.

Yes (no response)

The backdoor will most likely be the prime intrusion point at night (and day) though. To leave this unsecured at night, you might as well just leave the entire system disarmed for all the good it will do you

There is a quick exit mode, hit it to let dogs out, hit it again to let dogs in is my recommendation

At night I set all doors for no entry delay, but you can set a custom entry delay just in case you forget to hit the quick exit, so you will have time to disarm before alarms activate

Thanks rive.

People shouldn’t assume things. Remember the wide words of Oscar Wilde. :slight_smile: This particular back door leads to a indoor sunroom. Also, I’m not overly concerned with break-ins while I’m home. As long as the chime goes off I’m not worried. My main reason for buying the system will be for when I’m not there.

Back on point. Does (no response) leave the chime/voice alert on?

If you program it for chime or voice then yes

Yeah, I would suggest using the quick exit button on the control panel to let the dogs out and then again to let them back in. The quick exit just starts the exit delay, so you will have some time to open the door to let them out.

(23) no response instead of (1) entry delay, or (2) entry delay

Just keep in mind if you set this as a voice/chiming door no response type (instead of entry delay or perimeter) IT WILL NOT alarm when you are away from home either, in event it is opened/forced.

Leaving the most likely avenue an intruder will use to gain entry into your home unprotected (regardless of whether it is off a sunroom or not) whether home or away, is unwise and greatly impairs the security of the system.

You do realize an intruder is more likely to simply kick in the door, or break glass panels in/around door and reach in and unlock it, and that back doors are statisically less visable than front doors and afford more privacy from neighbors? If it is fenced, then it is even more likely to be targeted.

If the backdoor intrusion fails, then next would be a a back window, sunroom window, side/kitchen/bedroom window…

A word to the wise if you are considering just glass breaks_

Duct tape it up, break it with a ball peen hammer, pull it all out (just defeated your glass breaks) It would be obvious to an intruder that the chances are you would have no PIR motions due to dogs…

I suggest you sensor every window and door and use combo shock sensors on ALL windows.

I would also use Image sensors set to high sensitivity, and programmed as “no response” pir motions. This way, if motion is detected, it will take a infared/color picture without putting panel into alarm (you can do the same with IR cameras via VMD, but Image sensors are cheaper, and do not require Video package)

Awesome responses, thank you Rive and Jay.

One more on what Rive was saying. If I set a door as “no repsonse” I can’t set that for a particular alarm setting such as “home” rather than it Always being no response? Obviously as Rive mentioned I would NOT want to leave this door unprotected if I’m not home.

And great advice on the window sensors. I have a large sliding glass door which I assume would be entrance target #1. I plan on putting shock sensors on that. Would that be the right idea?

No. You can’t set different modes for sensor type depending on stay or home mode

If door set for no response it will not alarm at all regardless of arming status mode.

That is why you should not program the entry as no response.

I use a dw10 set to perimeter, and pir motion on my sliding glass door. You may want to go combo shock and either camera or Image sensor set to “no response”

Another value to Image sensors versus cameras other than cost and add on plan, is that they are not susceptible to WiFi/IP attacks. In other words, if your internet is disabled the Image sensors (IS) still works, but your IP cams will not.

Damnit. That really sucks. I was looking at the Simplisafe system before this and that was one of the cool things about it. You could set different alarm modes based on the alarm setting, home or away. But sadly everything else about that system sucks.

I’ll do the exit delay and just set it on it’s longest setting (I assume I can do that).

The image sensor idea is great. I will definitely add that to my list.

I would be careful about setting the exit delay for too long. Depending on the length of the delay, all someone needs to do is wait for you to leave, pick the lock, and get in before the exit delay is done. If you do increase the exit delay, I would suggest not much more than a minute or so.

For info, and installation/programming assistance, see my site:

Be careful with entry delay time. Your best bet is just to set front/back/side doors as (1) and garage doors if applicable as (2), and use the quick exit function for dogs…

Q5, Q6, Q7 are delays.