Questions about Z-Wave Lock Programming

Hi I have a 2gig alarm system and I am looking to expand onto the system with an additional motion detector and a Z wave deadbolt lock.

I would like to know if the deadbolt lock is programmable remotely with the app or via desktop. I would like to be able to change user codes remotely for a short term rental property.

Please advise.

Happy to help!

If you are looking for a 2GIG compatible indoor motion detector, the 2GIG-PIR1-345 would be compatible. This video will show you how to enroll one into your panel.

A list of Z-Wave locks compatible with the 2GIG panel can be found here. You would also want to cross reference that list with a list of compatible devices to determine the best lock for your use case.

Remote control of Z-Wave devices (via app or desktop) would be possible, provided the Gold Automation add-on is being utilized. (in your case, records indicate that it is)

You can find how to create user codes via here and temporary user codes here.