Questions about suretyDIY service

  1. Would like to know if you have any cellular monitoring offers through that does not include any Z-wave devices nor video surveillance.

  2. Which permits will I need for my alarm system (High Point, North Carolina)(Guilford County)?

  3. In addition to the 2GIG Go! Control Wireless keypad, I also have a 2GIG-TS1 Wireless Touch Screen Keypad, is that also included in the price?

  4. Are there any other hidden fees?

  5. I am trying to make the panels’ connections less visible, can I connect a 22/2 solid or stranded wire straight to the back of an outlet without using the 2GIG power supply that came with the 2GIG Control panel and 2GIG-TS1 keypad by connecting the black wire to the outlet’s hot/black side and connecting the other wire to the outlet’s neutral/white side?

  6. What is the Geo location service?

  7. Are there any fees for false alarms?

  8. Is fire alarm monitoring included in the price?

  9. What’s your response time and what’s the notification process after the alarm goes off? Do I receive a phone call first or do you automatically contact the police/fire department? Can I provide specific instructions in case we don’t pick up the phone or answer through the panel?

  1. Yes, Basic Interactive.
  1. Please note: Local regulations may require you to obtain a permit in order to use your monitored alarm system. Failure to do so may result in fines or police refusal to respond to your alarms. It is your responsibility to obtain any required local permit and/or pay any fines you incur due to non-compliance or excessive false alarms. Contact your police department for more information.

  2. Yes.

  3. Basic Interactive has a 1 time $19.95 activation fee, but it’s not hidden, it’s published. Local sales tax is required on monthly monitoring charges, I’ve heard some people try to argue sales tax is a hidden fee.

  1. NO! That would destroy the control panel probably shock you or worse.

  2. You can trigger arming reminders and thermostat changes based on when your mobile phones are a certain distance away from your house.

  1. We don’t charge you fees for false alarms but your local police jurisdiction might. Contact your police department for more information.

  2. Yes.

  3. Typically between 7 and 20 seconds. That’s very fast as far as central monitoring stations go. The national average is around 40 seconds. Yes, you receive a phone call first. You can provide specific instructions as long as they don’t violate code, for example we have to dispatch on a fire alarm unless you are on the premises and can verify that there is no fire.

  1. Do you offer Crash & Smash Protection? Is it included in the price?

  2. Do you offer yard signs?

  3. Is your company UL and CSAA certified?

  4. After my first year, does the price goes up?

  5. My module (2GIG-GCCDMV-A - 2GIG CDMA Cellular Radio Module) does not have a “SIM card”, it only has a MEID # (instead of an IMEI #). Would it work anyway with your monitoring service or should I exchange it for the 2GIG-GC36A-A - 2GIG 3G Cellular Radio Module for AT&T which I believe has a SIM card? I read online that if it had an ADC number with 951 in it, it would work; mine starts with 11317951…

  1. Yes. And, yes.

  2. Yes, but only for clients with monitoring from us.

  3. Yes. As stated on our website, adding central station monitoring means that you are covered by 24/7 monitoring by suretyCAM’s top notch UL Listed, CSAA 5 Diamond, IQ Certified central station.

  4. There is no planned increase for clients after a year, or in a year from now either for that matter. That being said, prices, like our costs, are always subject to change, but we would never change retroactively. If our offering changes, you are month to month as a DIYer; you would be notified prior to any change and only need to continue using our services if you so choose.

  5. The sim card is card of the module. Based on the beginning of that number, it seems you have a Verizon module. Whether or not it is usable, depends on whether it is registered, rather than on which numbers are on it. Check your module here -

New to this, just bought a home with 2gig go!control pairing with ts1.

  1. How do I check the module/imei/sn number on the unit?

  2. I have selected the suretydiy gold interactive. Paid online but didn’t get any page asking for info of 2gig, am I missing something?

  3. Is the right app for interactive?

Again, all newbie questions. Thanks

  1. The needed number is referred to as the “ADC” on Verizon module boxes, and the “IMEI” on AT&T module boxes. This module number check can be used to confirm not only that you have the correct number, but to check the current status of the module as well.

If the module is installed, there is an easy way to access it from the panel, given you are using a 2GIG panel. From the home screen, push the icon in the lower right hand corner of the panel, enter your current installer code to enter the installer’s toolbox, then select the button that says, “radio status”. The screen you see now should show a list of the numbers. Second from the top is the “serial number” which is what we need. This video demonstrates running a cell phone test, which contains all the necessary steps to get to this screen, and then continues on.

  1. Did the page scroll you up to the top? If so, something went wrong with your order. There should be information about what caused the problem (payment issue, missing information field, etc) but it is small and sometimes over looked. If your order has gone through successfully you should be taken to the survey page and you should receive an emailed receipt with a link you can use to submit your survey. Once that is submitted, we’ll be able to start processing your order. Once your order is complete, you will get an email with information on how to log in etc.

  2. Yes. Your account is powered by You will be able to log into the app (which is a free download) on your Android, iPhone and/or iPad.

All you need do verify your current cell module is unregistered, otherwise you will need to replace it.

For checking cellular module, installing a new module, updating panel firmware, and optimizing panel see the below thread.

If your firmware version is below 1.9.6, and/or you currently have a GSM1-GSM7 cell module, you have an obsolete cell module and will want to replace it with a 3G version as carrier support is ending, and the 2G modules are going offline overnight everywhere

In event your existing module is a 2G one, or it needs replacement,or firmware needs to be updated…
The process you will have to do on your existing panel is similar to the takeover/switching monitoring process.

For more info, and walkthrough and how to see: