Question about indoor camera

Hey guys can u tell me why or what might cause an indoor camera not to record or not record the audio

There are many reasons why a camera might not record.

  • Not connected to power
  • Not connected to the network
    • Network isn’t strong enough
  • Not connected to
  • No Recording Rule Set Up
    • Rule not setup correctly
    • Rule Paused
  • Clips filtered out of search results
    • Video Analytics automatically filter out recordings designated as other
  • Hit monthly upload limit for your account

If the camera is connected to power and network and a rule is correctly created, but still no recordings, check to make sure you can view camera feed in Live View.

If you can view in live view but still no recording, power cycle the camera, delete the associated recording rule, wait 5 minutes, then recreate rule. Wait an additional 5 minutes before testing.

If nothing then, delete camera from, Factory reset camera and start from scratch

Ok I’ll try restart first go from there