Question about Cloud Video and SVR

I plan to open a new account with your company and already own cameras and an DVR at my house. So I do not need the cloud DVR service, but I do need camera access and the ability to record to the DVR that I own here at the house. How do I add that to an account?

Please advise. Thanks.

Welcome! To clarify, are you referring to the SVR?

Note that the SVR does have an associated service add-on requirement through ADC, and Cloud Video is a pre-requisite for SVR service.

So for example, if you have 4 cameras and an SVR, you would need one level of Cloud Video (supports up to 4 cameras) and one level of SVR service. Pricing for service add ons can be found at the bottom of the service page here. Cloud Video is an optional add-on during service purchase process, and it can also be added or removed later at your discretion.

Additional service features like SVR access can be added after getting started with your suretyDIY subscription by contacting