Qolsys Transformer Location

Doing some reading I see that some transformers can not be mounted in the attic. Reason being is due to the excessive heat as some transformers have a thermal fuse. Is this the case for the transformer for the Qolsys panel? Has anyone else mounted the transformer in the attic and with what luck. Thanks!

Exact specifications for the power supply are not readily available, but we have requested the threshold of any possible thermal fuse in either the IQ or IQ2 and will update.

Mine is located in the attic. Attic gets pretty hot here in MS. So far no issues (4 months) I did have trouble with using the existing wire. The wire gauge was too thin for the required voltage at the panel. Had to use thicker gauge wire.

Thank you for the responses. I went ahead and mounted the transformer in the attic, going on week 3 since the install. So far no problems despite the heat of summer.