Qolsys signal strength and dual path

Recently our Qolsys panel started showing 2 bars of signal instead of 3 as it had in the past. I’m concerned about signal reliability.
We’ve had several false alarms in the last week or so and the monitoring company has called right away, but are you able to see on the back end how they received our signal (wifi vs cell)?
Or and I misunderstood and the WiFi is only to communicate with the panel and cell is always used to contact the monitoring company?

What version of the panel do u have is this the original or an Iq panel 2

Some fluctuations in signal strength are normal and to be expected.

It would be good to re-position the panel if you see 1 bar of signaling for a sustained period. Anything higher than that shouldn’t see an impact from signal strength.

We cannot see the radio source for history events, though Alarm.com can look into that when necessary.

The system sends communication across both methods concurrently. Alarm.com logs the first received. This ensures even in an outage of one, the other path sees no delay.