Qolsys Sensor Tamper (Hardwire Translator) Warning

Hi… A few days ago we got a “Sensor Tamper (Hardwire Translator)” alert on Alarm.com and was also on the panel. I do have a hardwire translator, but haven’t made any changes. It did seem to coincide with some terrible storms we’ve had in NTX.

So far to trouble shoot, I’ve rebooted the panel and turned it off for ~2-3 min and turned back on… both attempts with no resolution.

Any thoughts on where to look next?


Do you have a jumper across the tamper terminals of the Hardwire translator? If they are open with no jumper wire try wiring a jumper and then power cycle the Hardwire and reboot the panel (Settings > Advanced > Panel Reboot).

Thank you much! The jumper appears to have resolved error.