Qolsys Secondary Panel: Can I turn OFF voice and beeps?

We have a new Qolsys system with a Secondary Panel installed in the Master bedroom. One of us normally gets up in the morning one to one and a half hours earlier than the other. Is there any way to set the Secondary Panel to NOT beep or voice announce that the panel has been disarmed so as to not wake the sleeping person?

On the IQ Remote you can swipe down to access the device menu and there will be a volume slider which will affect all chimes and voice announcements. This will stop the “System is now disarmed” announcement, but it will not affect the countdown beeps unfortunately.

You can avoid both by turning down that volume slider and sending a remote command to disarm from the Alarm.com app. This will result in immediate disarm instead of a countdown beep.

Thanks for the information. We don’t normally take our iPhones up to bed, but we might have to start to avoid beeps.