Qolsys remote panel goes offline

I have an older Qolsys remote keypad that spontaneously goes offline and loses connection to the main panel. When this happens, the remote panel is off but can be restarted by pressing and holding the side button until the unit restarts. During the reboot sequence I can see that the battery is fully charged. I already tried updating the software; it seems to be on the latest version. By the way, the error message I get from Alarm dot com is “The keypad is offline as of …”

This keypad is going offline almost daily at this point.

Any suggestions or fixes?

What is the model number of that specific remote keypad? There were a few versions. When did this start occurring?

We have had other reports of similar behavior. It typically is indicative of failing battery.

It’s been a while since I replaced it, but was the same model number as the other two older IQ Remotes that are still on my account.


I think the model number is QW9104-840. I purchased 2 of these from Surety in 2021.

The problem started happening a month ago. Over time the frequency has increased and it now happens almost daily.

For what it’s worth, the battery in the remote panel shows 100% charged.

I did the patch update to the latest software (2.8.1).

Can you try unplugging the keypad and just let it run off battery? Let it run that way until the battery is drained completely, then plug in and let charge.