QOLSYS QS1138-840 Window Sensor

Good Morning,
New to the Forum and have a question. I’ve searched the internet and have seen atleast one person with a similar problem but in the last 2 weeks, I’ve had 2 sensors go into an unrecoverable Tamper situation out of the blue. The sensors are in tact and batteries are right around 3vdc. Even with a new battery and deleting sensor to recover by rebuilding it, the first opening of the window and POOF… Tamper again. Are these sensors problematic? Is there a fix for them?

When you open the case to the Shock Sensor, you should see a tab in the corner, opposite the battery. This is the tamper switch. If you hold it down for a couple seconds, then let go, does it report a tamper to the panel?

Well, I did not specifically try that as a Tamper was already being indicated. The first sensor went into Tamper at like 3am, not pleasant. There was no clearing the Tamper. I replaced the battery and then ultimately replaced sensor. The second one went into a Tamper on a different window, cleared like 30 minutes later on its own (no user intervention at all). Then a few days later, it went into a constant Tamper. I replaced battery and even deleted sensor/re-added it. It was still a constant Tamper upon opening window. The battery measured like 3.3 VDC.

you will want to check the tamper switch to make sure it is operating as it should. I have never heard of any known issues with the QS1138-840 tamper specifically and that voltage should be within range.

If they tamper when you open the window, the case may be misaligned.

After checking the switch to make sure it works correctly, you may need to replace the sensors if they continue to behave that way.