Qolsys panel questions

I am interested in placing an order for the Qolsys control panel. I am a pretty technical person but the only thing I am concerned about is fishing the electrical wire myself.

What is the return policy if I decide that self installation is too much for me?

Also, what pieces do I need to control my garage door remotely?

Also, my home is just over 4,000 sq ft. Will I need any type of repeater for the QOLSYS unit and do you sell one?

The suretyDIY return policy is outlined in our general policies at the following link. http://suretydiy.com/general-policies/

If your panel is centrally located, you likely will not have signal problems with GE sensors. If the panel is located to one side of the property, the farther sensors may require a repeater to assist, but this is determined by layout and construction materials of the home and intervening rooms/walls.

For garage doors, you will need one of two sets of equipment depending on your overhead doors.

The universal option is found here.

The Liftmaster Gateway (if your overhead is MyQ compatible) is found here, with corresponding remotes found here.

Too add to the panel questions…

Does the IQ Panel let you set different responses for the entry points? For example, if I wanted to get text notifications on a certain entry point and not set off the alarm is that possible? Also, can I adjust the delay time?

For Qolsys, similar to 2Gig, you can program any standard contact sensor as Sensor Group 25, (Local Safety Sensor.) This is the Qolsys equivalent to (Non-Reporting) on a 2Gig panel. This allows you to have a sensor which is never armed by the alarm system, but always sends alerts by way of activity monitoring.

Entry Delay is fully adjustable.

where do you set the entry delay? i thought it said under ‘security account’ settings but i dont see that option.

EDIT: I see it now under settings > timer