Qolsys Panel 4 AT&T Version?

Hi, I purchased a Qolsys Panel 4 from you, along with a secondary panel and some sensors. We were under construction and I finally was able to install the panel yesterday. With the Verizon communicator, I am only getting 2 bars.

Is there an AT&T version of the panel that also has the 345mhz radio? If so, would it be possible to set up an exchange? I am just concerned that the service with the Verizon communicator could be an issue and I would like to fix that while the panel is new, if possible.

Thank you,

Coverage check suggests full coverage for both Verizon and AT&T but local testing is always needed.

Have you moved the panel to a new location to test signaling? Is it mounted on a main floor, exterior wall if possible?

To begin troubleshooting:

  • Disarm the System
  • Unplug the Power Supply from the wall
  • Open the panel and disconnect the internal battery
  • Leave the panel completely off for at least 2 minutes
  • After 2 minutes minimum, plug in the battery and power supply
  • After boot up, wait 5 minutes and check signal strength

Is there an AT&T version of the panel that also has the 345mhz radio? If so, would it be possible to set up an exchange?

The Qolsys IQP4006 is the part number for the 345MHz version on the AT&T network. We do not carry this version.

Items can be returned within 30 days of purchase only if equipment is still in full working order with no visible damage or wear and tear and is returned complete, in the undamaged original packaging.

Our return policy can be found here: General Policies - Surety

Has the panel been wired up and physcially installed to the wall?

Hi Tyler,

Thank you! Yes, the panel has been wired and installed on a wall. I am unable to relocate it - it needs to be on the wall it is currently installed on. I had my 2Gig GC3e in the same location and it worked fine.

Can you look at my signal strength and let me know if you think it is strong enough or if it is borderline?

Thank you,

The panel is reporting a consistent functional signal strength. Use wifi dual path to reduce latency and have multiple communication methods, but cellular looks fine.

Thank you, Jason. That is reassuring. I have dual path enabled and have a strong and reliable wifi signal. As long as you are comfortable with the LTE signal strength in the event of power loss or line cut that would knock out the wifi, then I am fine leaving it as-is.

Thank you both again!!


Following on this thread— if we are in a location where Verizon LTE is noticeably worse than AT&T, is there a way to special order the AT&T Panel 4 via Surety?

You can request the AT&T version in the order notes field when purchasing. The AT&T version is only available in limited quantities at this time and may be subject to delay.