Qolsys motion detector issues

Hey guys:

I just installed the Qolsys “Pet Immune” motion detector that came with my IQ Panel kit and it’s not working properly. I’m not sure if it’s me, or the sensor. I installed it to sensor group 17.

It is working intermittently. Sometimes the red light comes on when I walk by and sometimes it doesn’t. I set it to voice and sometimes it triggers a voice when I walk by and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it will trigger the voice but no red light also. Most of the time it detects nothing. It did set a false alarm when I set the alarm to away and went out to eat. I think it may be defective.

Also I’m running 1.5.3 on the panel and I tried to patch it to 1.6.1 or 1.6.2 but I couldn’t get the panel to upgrade either, even though I am connected to wifi. Entered systest162 and hit done. Nothing happened.

Any ideas?

It is working intermittently. Sometimes the red light comes on when I walk by and sometimes it doesn’t. I set it to voice and sometimes it triggers a voice when I walk by and sometimes it doesn’t.

Wireless battery operated motion detectors are the number one confusion point with new systems I’d say. There is always the possibility of a malfunctioning sensor, but first you’ll want to make sure you’ve tested by manufacturer instruction based on that sensor’s intended purpose.

Wireless motion detectors do not trigger motion endlessly when motion is occurring in front of them. Doing so would drain batteries at a rapid rate. With wireless PIR motions there is a few minute delay between normal activation, and a lack of motion is typically required to reset.

The best way to test motion detectors in real circumstances is to arm your system away (with your account on test if you have 24/7 monitoring), wait a minute, then walk into the field of view. When the alarm trips, disarm the alarm and you can arm again to test, but wait at least 3 minutes out of the detector’s view, with no other motion in its field of view.

Wireless PIRs should not be treated as occupancy sensors or used in an attempt to track repeated movement. They are not built to do so.

Entered systest162 and hit done.

After entering the patch tag you will still need to select “Upgrade using Network”

Can you confirm whether this works?

Software upgrade worked like a charm. I was skipping that last step, thank you.

I didn’t realize that the motion sensor didn’t work continuously. What was making it confusing is that the new sensor is behaving so differently from the old one that came with my Honeywell system. That one lights up every time you walk by. Of course it’s twice the size of the new one and has 3 big batteries in it too. Is it normal for the sensor to trigger without the red light coming on?

Now my major concern is that the new motion sensor triggered an alarm while I went out to eat. Luckily I was in test mode. Now I’m worried that maybe my cat triggered it. It’s mounted in the same exact spot as my old sensor that never triggered an alarm in the 8 years I had it. It’s up over 7 feet high in the kitchen, but I guess it’s possible that the cat walked on the couch that is in view and set it off. Maybe the newer sensors are more sensitive these days. I really want the sensor there because it covers anyone entering through the sliding glass door, which I believe is the most likely point of entry.

I’ll mess with it a little more. I might have to rethink my setup. Maybe a glass break sensor on the sliding door and move the motion sensor somewhere where there isn’t furniture.

Thanks again for your help.

I’ve attached the Qolys IQ Motion manual (that is the model which comes in the kit, correct?) Let me know if you are using a different model.

All motion detectors will have little differences in operation standards so always go by the manufacturer instructions first.

In general, pets climbing on furniture in the field of view can definitely get around the pet immunity and cause false alarms. If this is a likely issue, can the detector be re-positioned? If you move the detector, keep in mind that for best results the motion detector should be placed to try to capture horizontal movement across the field of view, and should typically face the interior of the house.

QS-1200-P01-IQ-Motion-Installation-Manual.pdf (406 KB)