Qolsys IQ Smoke

Hello! I was wondering why my Qolsys IQ Smoke randomly flashed orange but on the power button, not the led next to it, that one is flashing its normal green color? Unless I’m seeing things

Hello, are you referring to the hush button? There is no reference in the device manual to anything like what you are describing. The LED will indicate status, and flashing once every 12 seconds is normal status.

Do you hear any chirps from the detector?

Nope, no chirps.

My DSC PG9936 Smoke/Heat Detector does the same thing. I have two detectors and they both blink amber about once an hour. It appears to be the Hush button, not the LED which continues to flash Green every 12 seconds.

I have the same PG9936 detector and have also noticed that amber flash since it’s in a bedroom right above the bed and I notice it occasionally at night. It’s also a longer amber flash than the normal green blink. The manual doesn’t mention it so I’ve never known what it was meant to communicate.

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@jwcsurety Any insight from DSC or Qolsys on this phenomenon?