Qolsys image sensor in non-climate controlled garage?

I ordered an image sensor with the intention of installing in my attached, non-climate controlled garage. It would be mounted on an insulated wall that is against the house. Is this a bad idea? I’m outside of STL Missouri, where the coldest it gets is high single digits and the warmest is near 100F. If not, would a regular motion work?

The Alarm.com image sensor tech specs say the acceptable operating temperature range is “Indoors (32-110°F for non pet applications; 60-110°F for pet applications)”. Anything outside of that range would void the warranty and potentially cause problems. Some equipment will work outside of the specified range but attempting it would be at your own risk. I can only recommend using equipment that is specified to work in the environment where you’re going to install it.

ADC-IS-200-IQ Physical Specs

The resolution products RE110P on the other hand is specified to work 0F-120F. But, of course, it doesn’t take pictures like the ADC image sensor does.