Qolsys DSC panel?

I am looking to buying a full alarm system setup and found this article in security news:


Prior to finding the article I was in between the Qolsys and 2GIG offerings. However, I have experience in installing a DSC Alexor alarm system from my previous home and if the Qolsys DSC Touch is slated to come out soon… I can hold out for that-- since I think it has the best of both worlds… Qolsys innovation but DSC’s support (and more aesthetically pleasing accessories).

Are you guys considering carrying these items since you are a Qolsys dealer? Could you give me a release date on this item?

I don’t have a lot of info on the Qolsys DSC Touch but it appears to just be a Qolsys panel with a DSC sensor radio and some alternate menu options. I do not know if or when we would carry it as a product, nor how soon it would be available given its recent announcement, but I can request it gets looked into and update this post.

It’ll be interesting to see what all is added to the functionality.

Any update on this panel?

From what I understand only small quantities are available as of now. I have not heard whether or not we plan to directly sell that panel. I can’t find it available online myself.