Qolsys Compatible Key Pad

Hello all… I recently just purchased a Qolsys Panel to upgeade from my previuos Simon 3 and everything is working great. However, I would like to add an inexpensive Keypad to the system in order to access from my bedroom. I was wondering if anyone knows if the GE EV-F319W keypad would work. I initially assumed it would, but I tried installing a GE 60-707-01-95R Key Fob and it does not work very well with the Qolsys system. Sometimes when I click the “Arm” button, it will arm “Away”. Other times it will arm “Stay”. And other times the alarm will go off. What it should do is arm in “Stay” mode on the first click and arm in “Away” mode on the second click. At times the keyfob does work, but it is not consistent. And it is definately not an issue with teh keyfob because I have two of them and both behave the same way.

Any suggestions on a keypad would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve seen inexpensive tablets mounted and used with Alarm.com service to act as an additional key pad for the Qolsys panel. The users in these situations seemed to enjoy this set up. As far as an official Qolsys secondary? I have yet to hear a proposed release date, although it sounds as though one is planned.

I use my mobile with the ADC app to arm from the bedroom at night, and disarm in the morning. With dual path, the reaction time is great. Panel usually responds in under 2 seconds.

Qolsys makes a pin pad which I’ve seen on ebay for around $70. For me, not worth the cost when the phone can do it.

Thanks… I will look into the app.

I would like to add an inexpensive Keypad to the system in order to access from my bedroom

QS-1311-P01 (Qolsys keypad) $65