Qolsys CO Monitor offline

Recently my Qolsys CO monitor goes on and offline at frequent intervals. It doesn’t say low battery.

If this is a CO detector that is older, first check the replace by date on the detector housing. An expired detector will throw an offline error that cannot be resolved.

If that is not the issue, often signaling can be impacted prior to a low battery alert, but borderline low battery levels are still the culprit. Replace the batteries and see if improvement occurs.

The last time I opened the carbon monoxide detector, the fire department came. Do I call you and tell you I’m going to open it or can I just power of the whole system down open it and check it.

You can place your account on test mode to avoid any accidental dispatch by logging into the system manager here and visiting the Test My System tab. You can add and remove test mode at any time 24/7.

Operators will not act upon alarm signals while your account is on test mode.

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