Qolsys AT&T Model

I am interested in a Qolsys but need an AT&T GSM model, Verizon does not work where I live (at least very well). Has this been released yet?

The other thing holding me up is needing several add on key panels that will give alerts, etc (basement, upstairs) and allow disarming. Any more word on release date or pricing of these panels (IQ2?)? Thanks for any help.

I have been told that IQ panels with ATT communicators will be available for shipment within a month or so. (Though I was not given a solid ETA)

Same goes for the IQ2, which they are releasing soon. I believe I was given a roughly one month time frame on that a couple weeks ago, so it should be around the same time.

I’ve got one of the new Qolsys AT&T panels as Verizon doesn’t work either at my house. I get 3 bars on AT&T according to the panel. It shows hardware Rev. A, RF PIC ver 8.2-G running Q1.4.2-ADCS 4.1-ADCL 4.1 I came from a GE Simon panel so all of my old sensors recognized no problem. Vivint almost had my wife sold until I looked into them and discovered I could do it myself.

Thanks for the replies. I will wait until the secondary keypad comes out and then it should replace my Concord 4 (have no codes for it) nicely.

Qolsys is already coming out with another panel? Do you think they will offer any type of discount for customers that purchased the original IQ since it hasnt been out that long?

Highly unlikely.

It is not a new panel being discussed above. It is the IQ panel with an ATT communicator as opposed to Verizon