Programming a sensor for activity monitoring only

Hello, I’m trying to program a sensor on my shed door to alert me when open/left open but at no time initiate an alarm. With the sensor type set as Door/Window in the Qolsys panel I have tried various sensor groups other than entry-exit.

Group 25-Local safety sensor seems to not report to ADC at all, in fact the option to check “activity monitoring” is removed from that sensor in ADC.

Group 8-Reporting safety sensor sounds an alarm when the sensor is opened at ALL times–whether armed or disarmed! If this is meant for a cabinet, safe or shed, how am I supposed to disarm it before opening the sensor so it will not trigger an alarm?

So…just looking for the right sensor group here that will not cause an alarm when the panel is armed and that ADC allows activity monitoring. Also I see at the end of the Qolsys panel sensor types list there are options for Door/Window-M and Smoke-M. These are not listed in the manual. Does anyone know what the difference is between these and Door/Window and Smoke Detector (without the -M)?

Local Safety Sensor (Group 25) is what you want to use.

These can be selected for Sensor Activity Monitoring in your account. Please keep in mind any changes you make in programming at the panel will not be immediately available on your account. Notifications that require sensor activity monitoring will require a period of time for that selected sensor to become available. If you select a different notification type, such as a Sensor Left Open notification, you should notice you can select your Local Safety Sensor.