Program Delay

Are you able to remove a programmed delay for a door sensor set on the panel remotely, or can it only be done from the panel?

I know it can be done on the GC3. I’m assuming on the GC2 as well. On the GC3 it’s under the settings for the sensor itself. So yes you should be able to do it on the panel.

Anybody know if this can be done remotely through the Go Panel?

You cannot remotely reprogram though the app or website. However, to clarify the intention:

Are you looking to arm the panel and sometimes have your entry doors set off the alarm immediately if opened? Anytime you want to make entry points act as perimeter points you can simply arm the panel and select “No Entry Delay” This can be done any time you arm the system locally, from website, or from app.

If you are looking to change one door from being an entry point to always being a perimeter point, then you can do so by entering programming on your panel and navigating to that sensor zone and changing the zone type from “Entry Exit” to “perimeter”